About - The Gallery

Established in 2014, Mickys art was founded from a passion of art, creating, culture and the subcultures that support the art-world.

Intersecting the physical and digital space of contemporary art internationally, Mickys art represents and works with an exclusive list of emerging and established artists that push disciplinary boundaries, through embodied techniques of painting, pouring, carving, sculpting and spraying.

Our network of artists and affiliate galleries are unique and we comprise a small and passionate team who have come together with a common goal to bring beautiful art to the Australian Architectural and Interior Design landscape.

Our Private Art Curation service locates and carefully selects fine-art pieces that offer a valuable investment from a collectible artist that changes the way you feel inside the space. We have a focus on permanency in our procurement and building exciting and diverse art collections for sophisticated private residences and commercial projects.

Our Ethos

Our Ethos is driven by locating incredible artistry and sharing our exciting global network of exclusive fine-artists, ateliers and gallery affiliates with our clients who share our values and a premium resolve. At our core, we are perfectionists and curators of unique spaces. We’re disruptors in art procurement and curation, challenging the status quo and encouraging our clients to be bold in their selections, while reassuring them that their residence and collection will be taken care of, as if it was our own.


We take pride in our global network of artistry and the opportunities we present and are extremely passionate about sophisticated and detailed Architectural and Interior Designed residences. We strike a balance between the bold and the restrained. We position ourselves between the architect, interior design house and furniture procurement team, guiding tasteful fine-art selections that are balanced, cohesive and sophisticated.


We want to develop and foster successful relationships with clients, who share our values and are committed to curating beautiful spaces that endure and at times challenge their preconceptions.


Through a meticulous approach to creating a sensory and emotive experience, we enrich the well-being of our clients, by procuring pieces that are an expression of their unique style and vision, harmonising this with our collecting and artistic philosophy. We’re proud to connect our clients to our depth of market knowledge and investment opportunities, ensuring an exciting process for our clients.


From conception through to handover, we tailor our services to align with each of our client’s needs. We understand that art is subjective and style is uniquely its own and adapt how we work accordingly. Our team offers a 1:1 tailored service in art procurement, curation and bespoke pieces:

Private Art Curator:


- Art Direction
- Site Inspection and Wall Measurement
- Creative Direction - Artists & artworks
- Collection design & development
- Investment opportunities and guidance
- Art Selection and Procurement - Administration & Coordination
- Bespoke Pieces - Concepts, Artist briefing, Artist management
- Framing, Professional Display & Curation
- Art Lighting Design


By design our team connects your walls to an exclusive and global network of highly acclaimed artists; gallery affiliates and be-spoke pieces conceptualised by our creative team and created by an acclaimed artist inside a studio, somewhere in the world.


No residence, artwork or collection is the same.

Oliver Gabelich

Creative Director

Oliver Gabelich is the Creative Director and owner of Mickys art who assists his clients in selecting artworks from artists with rich histories inside galleries and museums internationally and helping build an exciting collection of investment grade art- work with depth and substance that transforms how you feel inside the environment.

Oliver has formed relationships with artists internationally, providing his clients with accessibility to an artist base and their exclusive works or bespoke pieces.

Oliver conceptualises and designs bespoke pieces and engages artists and makers to have pieces made specifically for his projects.