The Private Art Curator is an exclusive service for first time art buyers, and avid collectors looking for artists and key pieces that reflect their style of living. Our program provides exclusive access to a dedicated curator to help guide you through our global network of over 500 artists, ateliers and
galleries, suggesting pieces tailored to your personal preferences, as well as other coveted benefits.

All considerations are informed by your Interior Architecture, Design and Furniture procurement.

Our Private Art Curator clientele gain exclusive access to the following services & perks:

- Dedicated 1:1 experience with 12 months access
- Uncover your unique preferences - briefing
- Access to global network of artists, ateliers, galleries
- Suggest fine-art pieces tailored to your personal preferences
- Exclusive accessibility to bespoke pieces
- Concierge services include selection, procurement, logistics, project management
- Access to: framing, professional display, art lighting design

1:1 guidance and selection from over 500 artists world wide

Rallying with the spot....

he Private Art Curator provides exclusive accessibility and guides tasteful selection from a global network of acclaimed artists, ateliers and worldwide gallery partners bespoke pieces conceptualised by our Creative Director and created specifically for your space by sophisticated artistry.

A one-to-one service with our Curator and Artistic Director, taking you on an exploration of our global network of artists and galleries and your unique art requirements, introducing you to artists and styles you may not have considered or been privy to and guiding tasteful selection.

A daunting process made easy, guided by an exciting process that starts with a conversation with our team

Design an exciting collction. Book an appointment to start the process.


Allow us to take you behind the scenes and introduce you to the process

Allow us to bring acclaimed artistry, ateliers and galleries worldwide to you fingertips.

Stage one — Consultation, briefing, discovery

We operate by appointment. Get in touch with our team. We’d love to
host you in our Armadale gallery, your home, or by online appointment
to understand your vision and preferences. When you engage with our
procurement team and curation services, we initiate a comprehensive
briefing process.

Stage 2 — Wall measurement

We begin by conducting an initial assessment of your art space both digitally and/or physically, familiarising ourselves with the space, nominating key walls, and understanding the sizing for key pieces.

Stage 3 — Artists, galleries, ateliers and bespoke pieces - Introduction

Looking through a global network of acclaimed artists and galleries,
exploring a diverse range of styles, mediums, and artistry.

We guide you through an exclusive network of over 500 artists, ateliers,
and gallery affiliates globally at your fingertips to explore each artist, learn about their practice, and how they could work inside your space.

You will explore the artist’s history and view key pieces from various bodies of work to visualise the extent of their artistry and their depth of style.

Stage 4 — Concept one

The Private Art Curator service builds personalised art collection visual
documentation building a palette of potential artists and artworks that
reflects your vision and our artistic philosophy with key ideas for bespoke pieces and the curation of the art collection. The concept captures the desired look and feel of the curated artworks, delving into the art direction, exploring diverse artists, styles, and mediums.

Our goal is to surface a diverse yet cohesive collection reflecting your
unique style, the character of the home and our artistic philosophy.
This immersive experience combines viewings of tactile artworks, imagery, artist videos, and textural references. The package serves as a visual guide moving forward.

Stage 5 — Review & feedback

Our team takes pride in connecting your vision with exceptional artists
who resonate with our shared vision.
Together we’ll unpack artists and artworks and discuss their artistic merit and how they align with the vision.

We’ll discover key pieces, textures, colours, and styles, providing valuable inspiration and insight for the collection as a whole. If a physical appointment is not feasible, we provide a digital appointment
where we utilise advanced technology to bring the gallery experience to
your fingertips. These appointments are pivotal moments where ideas
flourish and artistic visions are refined, providing the foundation for a
truly exceptional art collection.

Stage 6 — Bespoke Pieces (optional) - Contracts & Artist briefing

Contracts, Payment, Artist management, Logistics, Coordination, feedback, professional display

Our creative team and unique relationships we have with artists enable us to offer an experience to our clients that transcends traditional art procurement, providing concepts by our Creative Director for bespoke pieces and granting exclusive access to the artist’s studio around exhibitions to create a unique fine-art piece specifically for your space.

Our creative team manages the entire process working alongside on your behalf.

This process is unique to Mickys art ‘Private Art Curator’ service.

Stage 7 — Present final documentation

Mickys Art will present the tailored proposal to the client for review and
approval. Any necessary revisions or adjustments will be made based on the client’s feedback until a final proposal is agreed upon.

Stage 8 - Artwork confirmation (optional)

When final selections are made, we order pieces for all our clients and
coordinate all bespoke pieces.

Stage 9 - Concierge services - Coordination, Framing, Professional Display, Art Lighting

Our concierge services include the coordination and overseeing the delivery of each piece, framing, professional display, and art lighting design of each artwork as part of our curatorial process, upon request of the client.

We provide recommendations on the placement for each piece to complement the space along with a schedule for each piece and connect you to lighting design recommendations.